Prelibato - White Balsamic Condiment

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The name Prelibato translates to excellent and delicious. That's exactly what you should expect from this white balsamic vinegar!

Prelibato - the white balsamic condiment of Acetaia Malpighi with balsamic vinegar di Modena uses the best part of the Trebbiano Modenese grape.

The clear white juice obtained from a soft, slow crushing is firstly filtered, then centrifuged to achieve the perfect density without any cooking.

Prelibato is aged for five years in ash barrels; chosen for their delicate aroma and clear colour that the wood imparts.

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White Balsamic Vinegar vs Balsamic Vinegar

Wondering what's the difference? Let us tell you..

You might think that white balsamic vinegar has that colour because it's made using white grapes like Trebbiano, but that's not it.

Even the traditional dark balsamic can be made with the same white grapes.

The only reason why one is light and the other is dark is the aging time.

White balsamic vinegar is aged for less than 12 years while the dark one must be aged for longer than that to be certified as Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

White Balsamic Vinegar Uses

So why use the white one, you might be asking?

The white one has a lighter more delicate taste. It's also sweet and low in acidity, which makes it very versatile and easier to please balsamic novices.

And because of its light colour, it's the perfect condiment to finish dishes when you want to stick to a light and bright aesthetic.

How to use it: White Balsamic Vinegar Recipes

This is perfect for light salads like these:

  1. Apple, walnut and blue cheese salad
  2. Oranges, pomegranate and mixed leafy lettuce
  3. Octopus and cucumber salad
  4. Fennel salad
  5. Delicate melon and prosciutto salad

But you can also enjoy it with main courses, sides and desserts, like these ones:

  1. Chicken panini
  2. Roasted chicken with honey and white balsamic glaze
  3. Tuna steaks with onions and white balsamic vinegar
  4. Grilled vegetables with cottage cheese & white balsamic
  5. Fruit salads, strawberry mousse, Bavarese and more

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Suitable to use on all types of food; especially in salad dressing, on omelettes, cheese, desserts, ice cream and fresh fruits.
It is delicious on fish and crustacea, with fresh or cooked vegetables and on boiled or roasted meats including game.

Dressing with acetified must of white grapes

Ingredients: acetified must of white grapes. Contains SULPHYTES

Glass Bottle (plastic dropper included)

Typical values per 100ml
Energy   1008 KJ/237 Kcal
Fat <0,1g of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 57g of which sugars 57g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g

200 ml

Produced by: Acetaia Malpighi, via Emilia est 1525/1527 Modena Italy.

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