Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Casa Caroli”

Categories: Olive Oils

The Casa Caroli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born out of great respect for nature. Thus, at Caroli’s farm they are able to best use the natural resources of the land without causing any damage since they do not use fertilizers or chemical pesticides. They produce highly exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil that is harvested by hand or with only the use shakers and nets.

This sumptuous organic extra virgin olive oil holds a matt yellow-green colour with a delicately fruity flavour aided by a hint of sweet almond and artichoke. The density is medium fluid with a perfectly balanced pure olive aroma.

How to use:
Perfect for salads, on bruschetta or crostini; as a health tonic and infused with all your favorite Italian recipes

Olive Variety: Picholine, Carolea, Leccino, Nociara, Cellino and Olivastra

750ml Glass Bottle

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