Prelibato - Rosé Condiment

Categories: Balsamic Vinegars

The name Prelibato translates to delicious and this exquisite rosè condiment is certainly that and more! Prelibato Rosé is a condiment based of must obtained by the Trebbiano and Ancellotta grapes, with the addition of attar of roses cultivated at the family owned Estate.
The clear white juice obtained from a soft, slow crushing is firstly filtered, then centrifuged to achieve the perfect density without any cooking and then infused with the rose's attar. Prelibato Rosé is aged for five years in ash barrels; chosen for their delicate aroma and clear colour that the wood imparts.

How to use:
Suitable to use on all types of food; especially on salads, fresh and old cheese, savory pies..
It is delicious on on feta based salads, edible flowers, fruit or almond and mint crumble.

Rosé grape must, sulphurous anhydride (processing residue)

200ml Glass Bottle (plastic dropper included)

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