Belmorso Tarallini Mediterranei with Potato and Rosemary

Categories: Baked Products

Belmorso Tarallini Mediterranei with Potato and Rosemary Bread Bites are a tasty, crunchy and versatile snack food full of flavour. A healthy alternative to bread or bread sticks they are created with the finest ingredients - you will love these Tarallini Patate e Rosmarino!

How to use:
A quick snack with cheese and hummus
As croutons in soups and salads
A party finger food with a dips selection
An accompaniment to aperitifs, cocktails, beer or wine
A children’s lunch box filler - (the wine has completely evaporated in the process; it is first boiled then baked)

Soft wheat flour “0”, olive oil (14%), white wine (contains sulphites), potato flakes (4,6%) salt, rosemary (0,3%). ALLERGENS: May contain traces of almond, soybeans and sesame.

400g Bag

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