Belmorso Hot Chilli Peppers Spread

Categories: Dips and Spreads , The Hot Products , Pestos

Hot pepper spread is created especially for the Chilli Lovers!!! Bursting with flavour this hot and spicy sauce will certainly add a strong taste to your dishes. It is the perfect combination of sweet red and hot peppers; leaving a warm, lingering aftertaste. Perfect alone or mixed with other sauces. For those who enjoy the heat; you will love this Crema di Peperoncino!

How to use:
Heat sauce slowly in a saucepan, mix with pasta and serve.

Also great as:
A sauce for meat or fish dishes
A spread on tarallini, bruschetta or crostini
A spread on crackers and breads
A dip for party finger food
A sandwich filler

Hot chilli peppers (61.36%), Red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, celery, garlic, parsley, salt (0.54%)

200g Glass Jar

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