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  1. Thank you Franco. I love Pasta. Can you help me choose a pasta for Coeliacs. Unfortunately I suffer from this disease and always shop around for the best I can get? Thank you

    1. Hi Eilis,
      I’m sorry that you can’t enjoy our pasta.
      My wife is gluten intolerant so I eat sometimes gluten-free pasta too.
      At the moment in Ireland there is no pasta for coeliacs that I feel to suggest.
      As soon as I find one, I will let you know.
      Ciao Franco

  2. That was very useful Franco thank you. I’ll leave out the oil
    Lots of water no oil. Got it!
    I love your products
    Regards Dolores

    1. Hi Dolores,
      Thank you very much!!
      Saluti Franco

  3. Annabella says:

    Thankyou very good to know all your tips Franco

  4. I never knew that the spaghetti water should have salt in it and that it needed so much water per gram of pasta. Thank you for your tips

  5. Anastasia says:

    Hi Franco, I’m delighted that that is how I’ve been cooking my pasta? the only thing I must watch out for is pasta that cooks under 10 mins!! Do think Barilla pasta is a good make? Thank you for your tips? ciao Anastasia

  6. Ariadne Desarro says:

    I truly enjoyed your article on cooking pasta. I would be very interested in more article of this type to help my cooking skills with Italian food. After a recent visit to Tuscany for my daughters wedding I became very interested in the huge variety of pasta’ and the different cooking techniques. Thank you, Ari Desarro

  7. Hi Franco, thanks I will try cooking pasta that way. I had an Italian lady show me how she cooked pasta. When the pasta was cooked she drained ALMOST all the water off it and then put Olive Oil in, swished around to coat the pasta etc etc I will try your way now, thanks so much. Pat

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