Saffron Condiment 100ml

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Categories: Balsamic Vinegars

This Saffron Condiment is made with the Malpighi white dressing, infused with the best selection of saffron. The result is a very intense and aromatic balsamic saffron dressing.

The Balsamo di Zafferano is straw-colored with fine red stripes from the saffron. 

Who's this for?

anyone who loves the earthy, sweet and slightly bitter taste of saffron and wants to incorporate it more regularly in their food.

Drizzle it on

  • Freshwater and sea fish
  • Crustaceans and mussels
  • Fruit and salads
  • Risotto and pasta

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Suitable on all type of freshwater and saltwater fish, crustacea, mollusc, caviar, fresh fruit and fruit salad, on pasta and risotto (rice). Great if paired with fresh berries, especially raspberries and blueberries.

Saffron dressing

Acetified must of white grape, saffron.

glass bottle.

Typical values per 100ml
Energy  1312,9 KJ/308,9 Kcal
Fat <0,1g of which saturates <0,01g
Carbohydrate 77g of which sugars 74,9g
Protein 0,23g
Salt 0,003g

Produced by: Acetaia Malpighi, via Emilia est 1525/1527 Modena Italy.

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