Italian Pasta Box

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The Italian Pasta Box is perfect for those who love Italian pasta and appreciate having a vast selection of shapes. The pasta included is all of the highest quality, and made in Italy with 100% Italian Wheat.

Moreover, all our Pasta is made following the slow-drying process. This is an artisan method that allows pasta to dry for several hours and at low temperatures. It allows the pasta to retain the colour, scent, and taste of the wheat. The result is a pasta that tastes good with the simplest dressing, and has a beautiful rough and aldente texture after cooking.

When you buy the Italian Pasta Box, you get the convenience of a wonderful pasta selection with just one click. Plus, you also save 15% on the total price (until offer lasts).

This is what's included:

1 pack trofie
1 pack orecchiette
1 pack wholemeal strozzapreti
1 pack black squid spaghetti
1 pack bucatini
1 pack long fusilli
1 pack rigatoni
1 pack paccheri
1 pack fusilloni
1 pack fettuccia
1 pack spaghettoni
1 pack spinach leaves
All packs are 500 gr.
Get your pasta needs sorted for the next few months, and enjoy the savings. Shop the Italian Pasta Box now.

Cook and dress; make the most delicious pasta dishes, pasta bakes and pasta salads.

100% Italian Wheat

Includes 12 packs of Italian artisan pasta

All packs are 500 gr

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