Fondente MACAÉ Brazilian Chocolate Truffles

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Fondente MACAÉ Brazilian Chocolate Truffles are born from marrying two incredible artisan ingredients - Brazilian Macaé Chocolate and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Hazelnuts from Piedmont.

In collaboration with La Perla Torino we are bringing to you the best artisan chocolate from the chocolate capital of Italy, Turin.

If you love dark chocolate you will fall in love with the powerful extra dark taste of Macaé chocolate, making these Brazilian Chocolate Truffles your go to chocolate dessert during the Christmas Season and beyond.

These chocolate truffles also contain no gluten and are vegan friendly, making them the ideal chocolate gift in Ireland for anyone with an intolerance to gluten or following a vegan lifestyle.

These fine Italian chocolates also make the perfect chocolate to gift to yourself. Why stop at Italian pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, when you can enjoy the best Italian chocolate truffle balls?

Did you know that Turin is famous for chocolate making since 1500? It's the city of Bicerin (the traditional hot drink made with espresso, milk and chocolate served in a tall glass), the gianduja cream (a spreadable chocolate cream made with hazelnuts PGI from Piemonte), and the iconic gianduiotto (the ingot shaped chocolate hazelnut praline famous all around the world).

You must taste these decadent Fondente Macaé Brazilian Chocolate Truffles. ADD A BAG TO YOUR CART NOW.

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Fave di Cacao del Brasile, Pasta di Nocciola Piemonte IGP (26%), Pasta di Cacao, Zucchero, Burro di Cacao, Granella Croccante (Farina di Riso, Zucchero, Amido di Mais, Farina di Mais, Olio di semi di Girasole, Fibra vegetale bamboo, Farina di Soia, Emulsionante: Lecitina di Soia, Sale, Zucchero caramellato, Cacao in polvere, Aroma Naturale di Vaniglia), Granella di Cacao, Cacao in polvere, Emulsionante: Lecitina di Soia, Aroma Naturale di Vaniglia. Può contenere tracce di latte, uova, arachidi e altra frutta a guscio. (Cacao non UE). Senza glutine. Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.

200 gr bag of Brazilian chocolate truffles

No gluten, Vegan Friendly

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