Country Basil Pasta Sauce

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Sugo Rustico al Basilico is a tomato and basil sauce with onion and a hint of basil; an all round nutritious sauce full of antioxidants and bursting with flavour.

If you are looking for the best tomato sauce to buy, I suggest you try this.

You'll be the judge of course, although I am pretty sure you'll love it!

This fresh tomato basil sauce is so versatile you can use it for anything, minus dessert :).

Try it:

Mix a short pasta, Country Basil Sauce, bechamel, parmesan, season and drizzle with EVOO. And voila, you've got an elevated pasta dish in just 10 minutes, and it's not your usual tomato pasta sauce.

Add Country Basil Sauce to your cart together with our Artisan Spaghetti, or Penne. You won't regret it.

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Heat sauce slowly in a saucepan, mix with pasta and serve.

Tomato sauce with basil

Tomato pulp (73%), tomato (11%), onion, tomato puree (5%), extra virgin olive oil, basil (1%), salt.

Glass Jar

Typical values per 100g
Energy 191KJ/ 46Kcal
Fat 3,0g
of which saturates 0,4g
Carbohydrate 3,2g
of which sugars 3,2g
Fibre 1,0g
Protein 1,2g
Salt 0,47g

Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days.

Produced without preservatives.

Produced in Italy by: Pra.Li.Na. srl Z.I. Melpignano (lLe) Italy.

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