Classic Pandoro 750 gr

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Delicious melt-in-your mouth Pandoro cake from the Masters of Panettone in the Veneto Region of Italy. We've partnered with Borsari Verona to bring you the highest quality panettone cakes this holiday season.

Each one of this Pandoro panettone cakes takes 72 hours to make; the aim is to accentuate the two most important ingredients: sugar and butter.

That means you can expect a soft, sweet, and buttery cake that melts in your mouth.

PS: To make it even more delicious, don't forget to sprinkle on top the sugar provided.

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Open, leave in the bag and sprinkle the sugar provided in a separate sachet. Sprinkle it on top of the cake, close the bag tightly and shake. Open, cut and enjoy.

750 gr

Not available
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