Bredalini - Mini breadsticks Traditional

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Savour the essence of Italy with Bredalini, our traditional mini breadsticks, baked in the heart of Ireland. Each breadstick is a homage to the timeless recipes of Puglia, made with love and select natural ingredients. Crisp, golden, and deliciously simple, Bredalini are the perfect addition to any meal, whether it's wrapped in a slice of prosciutto for an elegant appetiser, dipped into your favourite sauce, or enjoyed as a wholesome snack straight from the bag. Embrace the authenticity and warmth of Italian hospitality with every bite. Indulge in Bredalini – the snack that brings a piece of Italy to your everyday moments.

Here are five delightful ways to enjoy Bredalini mini breadsticks:

Antipasto Charmers: Wrap Bredalini with thin slices of prosciutto or salami for a classic Italian antipasto.

Cheese Board Companions: Serve alongside a selection of cheeses and olives for a Mediterranean-inspired cheese board.

Soup & Salad Accents: Use as a crunchy garnish on soups or salads, adding texture and flavour.

Dip Delights: Dip into a variety of sauces such as marinara, pesto, or a creamy cheese fondue.

Healthy Snacks: Pack Bredalini in lunch boxes for a nutritious snack that's fun to eat and easy to love.

Bredalini - Mini breadsticks Traditional

Italian flour type “00”, Italian re milled durum wheat semolina, Italian extra virgin olive oil, salt, non-alcoholic wine (contains sulphites).
ALLERGENS: see ingredients in bold. May contain soy, mustard and sesame.

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