1850 - Condiment with balsamic vinegar of Modena

Categories: Balsamic Vinegars

This 1850 Condiment is a luxurious condiment obtained from the juice of the Lambrusco grape. Aged in oak wooden barrels for five years the colour is deep brown, the taste is sour with flavours of wild flowers, grass and mustard; whilst the aroma is intense and full. It's 100% Made in Italy. The packaging is elegant, the condiment is in a transparent glass bottle, so as to see the quality and consistency of this sumptuous balsamic vinegar. This is the philosophy handed down through five generations of the Malpighi Family.

How to use:
Suitable to use on all types of food; especially in salad dressing, on omelettes, cheese, desserts, ice cream and fresh fruits.
It is delicious on fish and crustacea, with fresh or cooked vegetables and on boiled or roasted meats including game.

Grape must

50ml Glass Bottle

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