3 Artisanal & Healthy Pasta

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Do you want to eat pasta while still being extra healthy? If so, this trio of healthy artisan pasta is calling your name. It includes wholemeal strozzapreti & trofie + white orecchiette. That way you can alternate between wholemeal and white pasta. Stock up now, while on offer! MORE INFO Wholemeal Strozzapreti is a typical pasta of the Emilia - Romagna region. The name means 'strangled priest', reflecting the anti-clericalism of the people of Romagna, when in past centuries the region was under the rule of the Papal states. Trofie is a traditional Ligurian pasta with thick twisted solid strands that are chewy in texture. This pasta is traditionally served with pesto; its twisted shape allows the pesto to effectively stick to the pasta. Orecchiette are a distinctive Puglian type of pasta; shaped roughly like small ears - hence the name (orecchio; ear, orecchiette; little ears). They’re about 3/4 of an inch across, slightly domed and their centres are thinner than their rims - a characteristic that gives them an interestingly variable texture; soft in the middle and somewhat more chewy on the outside. The typical regional recipe combines orecchiette with “Cime di rapa” - a variety of broccoli from Puglia, but it’s also ideal for tomato and vegetable based sauces. For more info about ingredients, cooking instructions and packaging, please visit the individual pasta pages.

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